What really happens this side of the Cattle Grid: Blog #3

Last Saturday was an Open Morning and I am sure that you can all remember the first time that you drove up the drive, had to negotiate the cows, and cross the cattle grid into Hazlegrove.

I remember my first visit and what struck me, besides the immaculate lawn, was the people, both staff and children. I thought that I would take this opportunity to remind you all of one of the reasons why you probably chose Hazlegrove.

We arrived in the front hall and were greeted by the lovely Mrs Hunter, who welcomed us like old friends to the school; she knew our children’s names and they immediately felt at ease. This trend continued – every person we bumped into, had a warmth and a generosity of spirit, that made us feel comfortable and valued. Every pupil we met was courteous and welcoming.

I am pleased to report, five years on, that this feeling has only improved. I am genuinely in awe, humbled and inspired to be working with such a loving and caring staff. As a parent and teacher at Hazlegrove, I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with the men and women at Hazlegrove. Our children – yours and mine, are in excellent hands and this should not be taken for granted because this is certainly not the norm. This is indeed a very special place.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Miss Ali Rogers and Mrs Victoria Dando for organising our Open Day last week – these are tricky times and they ensured, through hard work and incredible effort, that the day ran smoothly and that our visitors were still able to get a real flavour and sense of HZG, despite the restrictions that are in place these days; we are extremely grateful and appreciative!

Normally, it is our wonderful children who guide parents round the School during an Open Day; due to the current climate, the staff had to take on this mantle. We all felt the pressure of taking over from the consummate professionals – nothing promotes Hazlegrove to new families better than the children themselves, we hope that we did them proud!

So, the next time you bump into one of the staff at Hazlegrove, give them a smile because I can assure you that they are working their socks off, ensuring that the school delivers on its promises made to you, when you came crunching along the pebbled pathway, towards the main doors, to be greeted by a warm and friendly face.


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