What really happens this side of the Cattle Grid: Blog #1

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the very first mid-week Blog from Hazlegrove Boarding. The idea of this blog is to give you an update and insight into what is going on in the Boarding Community. It may take on a few more guises as the year unfolds too – sharing ideas, thoughts, and anecdotes, in the hope that you will be able to experience a more enriching journey, along with us and your children.

A deserved shout-out if I may: your children have been nothing short of amazing. They have adapted to the new “normal” and to be honest, have gone about their business as if nothing has changed! It just goes to show that when children feel safe, cared for and loved, they will be happy no matter the circumstances.  

The weeks have been full, as one would expect of being at a boarding prep school; the children have settled in well to a day, full of lessons, clubs and activities, and prep (in the afternoon and the evenings for the older children). Music practices are now in full swing and the sound of music fills the Music Department, in the mornings and evenings.

The weeks have seen us having to be a little more creative as going off site and visiting our usual jaunts like mackerel fishing at Lyme Regis, have been put on ice as the country continues to grapple with the virus. In a survey done by the Boarding Schools Association, several years ago, children were asked to rank their favourite activities…you may be surprised to hear that Free Time with Friends, topped the chart. A challenge facing us, as a boarding community, is to find a healthy balance between activities offered and giving the children the chance to have free time with their friends – we are incredibly blessed to live in a school which has such beautiful and plentiful space. In a nutshell, we have offered plenty of activities, like a Falconry display, a Bug Fest, Cube game shows, black berry picking, racing around the go-kart track, golf, cricket, football, cycling, arts and crafts but…we have also allowed the children to enjoy each other’s company; and begin to create life-long friendships.

As we approach the exeat, I want to thank you all for the support, patience, and kind words (and emails) that you have shown towards the boarding staff at Hazlegrove. I have been a houseparent, with my wife, Gail for 20 years, and we have never worked with such a dedicated and caring staff – the hours are long, the days (and nights) are full-on yet the staff caring for your children, remain energised, committed and positive despite waning energy levels at times!

I wish you and your families a relaxing exeat; take care of yourselves and the ones you love.

Kindest regards,

Regan Schreiber
Head of Boarding

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