Helping the Environment

A Step by step guide on how you can help the environment

Step one: Finding eco-friendly alternatives for everyday objects.

We have found a list of products to help you transform your home into a plastic free and environmentally friendly place. This list contains shops and products for you to check out online and in store. All are U.K. based which ensures an easy drive, and an easy delivery with reduced air miles.

More than 150 million
tonnes of plastic exist
in the ocean today.
Recycling 1 million tonnes
of plastic is equivalent to
taking1 million cars off
the road (CO2 emissions)

Plastic free in the home

Shops near you

It can be good to shop at your local greengrocers and butchers instead of bigger supermarkets. Plastic free shops are also becoming more common in local areas. These are a few you can find near you.

  • Take no Wrap– Ivel Ct, Yeovil BA20 1EY
  • The plastic free shop- Workshops, Unit 56, Station road, Bristol BS15 4PJ
  • Zero Green- 12 North St, Bristol BS3 1HT
  • Lesser Litter- 11 Paul St, Taunton TA1 3PF

Products for the home

Buying from eco-friendly online stores can make your kitchens and bathrooms plastic free. These stores deliver to the U.K. and make it an easy purchase. These products are not very expensive in comparison to their non-reusable alternatives. They also look nice in your home.

1. Reusable straws. 500 million straws are used daily in the USA alone.

2. Shopping bags, there are so many different types of reusable bags to choose from. Even reusing old plastic bags at first can stop them from being singe use plastic.

3. Making things last longer can really reduce waste in the kitchen. Especially when cleaning.

4. To stop plastic bottles being thrown away when cleaning.

5. Smaller reusable bags for food.

6. You can get small or big glass jars everywhere. They are useful all over the home and can easily seal food.

7. It is necessary to drink, maybe buying a reusable and insulated bottle will help keep you hydrated.

8.  Bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner and shaving soap bars.

The following items can be bought from amazon…

9. Bamboo toothbrushes are not expensive and can be cheaper than plastic toothbrushes. They decompose and last a while.

10. Bamboo reusable coffee cups, this one is £3.99, size 16 oz. there are always lots of different colours and patterns.

11. Reusable beeswax wrap for your food instead of cling film.

12. Plastic free teabags, many teabags do contain plastic in the bags which do not decompose.

13. Compostable bin bags

14. Bin bags made from recycled waste

15. Rechargeable batteries

16. Solar power phone charger

We would love for the whole Hazlegrove community to get involved in these changes to help the environment in our own small ways. Thank you.


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