Year 8 raised £1427.88 for YCAA

This money started being raised back in March with our whole school Dance-a-thon.

Year 8 sold merchandise themed to their play, ‘Here Comes the Sun’, and we silent auctioned off the beautiful watercolours painted by Alice de P and Rose A and two signed headshot posters of Year 8 pupils.

We are delighted to have raise this amount for YCAA.

This from Liz Pike – YCAA

I have some super news for you because the student that benefitted from the Hazlegrove donation last year will accompany my husband and I to your performance.  Also,  some of your donation went toward students attending Summer Schools, one for dance (and that young dancer can be seen dancing in the next Dr Who season, and the other is a very talented boy who we will continue to support in the future.

Thank for thinking of the YCAA when performing your Year 8 production, and you can all be assured we are doing our best to promote and support the arts in our area.

Please thank Mr White for his kind invitation for what transpired to be an inspirational evening.  There is so much talent in Year 8 and the whole evening was a triumph.  We wish all of Year 8 happiness and success in their future schools.

A cutting from the Western Gazette in which Liz Pike has a regular column.

Click here to see the photographs from ‘Here Comes the Sun’.


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