We sent funds out to Jenneh and Samuel, ebola orphans in Sierra Leone

An update from Charlie Herbert, Chair of the Trustees of Wharf Kids


Thank you again to everyone at Hazlegrove School for your continued financial support to Wharf Kids, and more specifically to Samuel Tagba Junior and Jenneh Appiah.  Your donation makes such a difference to their lives, providing them both with a level of education that they would otherwise be unable to afford.  Both are making good progress.

Samuel turned 10 years old in May of this year, and continues to attend Huntingdon Primary School in Allen Town, a suburb of the city of Freetown. He continues to be a bright, smiling, hardworking child, and I was not surprised that he was selected to be a school prefect this year. It is symptomatic of the responsibility and maturity that he shows. He still lives in a small rented property (little more than a single room building) in Allen Town with his widowed father and his seven siblings and cousins. However, the charity has been funding the construction of a small house for them over the last eighteen months, which is now nearing completion. We are very much hoping that they will be able to move in by the late summer of 2018. So, all in all, things are looking bright for Samuel, and we know how excited he is in particular about moving into a new house.  He won’t have his own bedroom, but with luck will only have to share with a single brother or two, rather than the whole family in the future. We will be helping the family to furnish the house over the next few months.

Little Jenneh turned 7 years old earlier this year and has made some encouraging progress over the past twelve months. Orphaned during the Ebola crisis, she continues to live in a tiny one-roomed house in the heart of Magazine Wharf with her adult half-sister and her elder sister.  Her speech has improved significantly over the past two years (when we first met her in 2015 she was pretty much mute) but she continues to have some learning challenges.  However, she is enjoying her time at Zion Primary School, and regularly attends the after school classes run by the charity.  She remains a sweet kid – full of character and very headstrong, but slightly naughty – and we hope that her improvement continues. She has had a tough start in life – losing both of her parents, and is herself an Ebola survivor.  Many of the survivors suffer with long term medical conditions, and we are monitoring Jenneh closely to see if there is any additional support that we may need to provide her in the future. In the meantime, your donation keeps her at school, while wider fundraising for her family ensures that we can keep a roof over the girls heads, and provide them with some monthly living expenses.  It’s a tough life in Magazine Wharf, but thankfully they are well supported by extended family and the wider community.


Thank you again for the continued support of Hazlegrove School.  It really is helping to secure the future of two very disadvantaged children, who otherwise would never have the chance of a full time education. 


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