Year 8 put on a great Fête in aid of Young Minds and Teenage Cancer Trust

8S pupils, whose exams had finished, started to plan and set up a summer fête which Common Entrance candidates would join them to man over one lunch hour. It was decided to support Young Minds and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

8S formed into four teams, setting up four stalls each, sixteen in all. By 12.30 they were all set up and, with remarkable foresight, pointed out that they could nip into early lunch so as to be available to help for the whole lunch hour. By 12.45 eager customers were guessing the number of balloons in a car, racing spacehoppers, naming the teddy, getting their fortunes told at Fate At The Fête, buying snow cones and cakes, facing their fears as they put their hands into boxes containing who knew what, having a go on the Human Fruit Machine, or the Lucky Dip, or a photo in the Photo Booth, trying to balance 20p on a floating lemon or land 5p on a bar of chocolate, trying out the tombola, buying a pet rock, tossing a ball at the Stairway To Heaven, or getting their hair braided.

The weather held and, yet again, in no time, the whole event was packed away and no trace remained. Even  the balloons had been counted back out of the car and the teddy presented to its new owner.

I take my hat off to Year 8 – what an achievement!
Mrs Mahony.


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