Year 6 are walking 874 miles for charity

Last term the Year 6s researched and selected charities that they are passionate about. Every Year 6 pupil was involved in doing a presentation to their class during a PSHE lesson and the students voted for the charities that they most wanted to support. In the end 2 charities were chosen for our fundraising initiative alongside the school’s Hazlegrove Harambee trust which is putting Sebastian Lekurtut Kurwaki  through secondary education in Kenya.

Fundraising and Presentations
Over the holidays the Year 6s took home sponsorships sheets and began raising money. During assembly the Year 6s presented their initiative to the whole of the Middle and Upper School. Evelyn S presented on St Margaret’s Hospice, Benjamin P on the Dogs Trust, and Alexina A presented on behalf of Hazlegrove Harambee. All of them did a fantastic job.

The Walk a Mile in my Shoes Challenge
This term our 66 Year 6s are aiming to give up some of their lunch breaks to walk for the charities outlined above. Our goal is for the Year 6s to collectively walk the distance from Lands End to John O’Groats, 874 miles, which equates to about 13 miles each over the course of the term. With a couple of weeks behind us we are already over the 120 mile mark, but please do keep supporting and encouraging our Year 6s in this endeavour. They have shown great enterprise and determination so far!


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