What people said about our Festival

The John McCarthy talk

“It was a lovely evening at Hazlegrove – I loved meeting the children and the whole audience was wonderfully welcoming – I really enjoyed myself. It’s fantastic that you laid on such a great week of Wellbeing events. And thanks so much for raising all that money for Freedom From Torture – that is fantastic!”John McCarthy

“That really was the most wonderful evening. Thank you.”Mark Lucas, Literary Agent

“It was a privilege to there and listen to John McCarthy.”

“If I had to sum up John McCarthy’s talk in one word it would just be the word laughter. He spoke so eloquently, vividly and beautifully about being locked up for 5 1/2 years but he left us feeling happy. He made that time in his captivity come alive in all its narrowness, fear and deprivation  yet left me feeling that human relationships, laughter and love for one’s friends (or cell mates) can sustain throughout nearly unbearable situations. Uplifting PLUS I have heard him speak twice before but he just gets better and better. I wondered if, because his daughter is twelve, he was able to pitch his whole talk perfectly so that it was accessible to all. Unmissable!”Susan Cranfield

“It looked like your Festival was a huge success. Congratulations.” Kate Lynch

“The whole week was enchanting and I thoroughly enjoyed everything.”Susan Cranfield

“The commissioned piece in the concert during wellbeing week. I want to hear it again and again…………”Susan Cranfield

“Andy Griffiths really had a great time at Hazlegrove.”Kate Bullows, Pan Macmillan books

“Thank you so much for inviting me to spend the day making art with the children. It has been great.”Donna Vale

“Thank you for inviting me to run the albatross workshop.  I enjoyed working with your children on the sculpture.”Fiona Campbell

“Thank you for asking me; it must have been clear that I found it an absolute pleasure. I’m meant to be working, but couldn’t resist following the link to the murmuration photos which are very  joyous – what a wonderful, creative ambience there is about the school; we were very impressed by the assurance & high standard of all the artwork on display.”Penny Billington

“It was such a pleasure. I loved it. I loved seeing how all the different ages responded to the Yoga and I even learnt some new poses – banana and bear crawl!:) Last nights lecture was excellent. What an interesting selection of faiths at the table. I wanted to say and ‘Yoga unites them all!’  Well actually what is beautiful, is as it is a journey for each person it helps them connect to who they are so that they can follow whatever path is for them. Basically connecting to our hearts again. Love is the foundation to all faiths so thinking Love will conquer all – might just be some bumps on the way:)”Nicola Corbett

Year 6 Tea Party for the elderly in our community
“What a wonderful afternoon we all had yesterday and I cannot thank you enough for firstly contacting me about your gem of an idea,  and then putting everything in place so smoothly and expertly. The pupils were an absolute delight, the tea delicious and everyone was so welcoming.  I will be writing to the Headmaster separately but I wanted to personally give you my thanks for making this magical afternoon  happen.” Cherry Catley-Day, Candlelight Care

“It was really interesting to have such grown up conversation with the pupils. They are so articulate and certainly looked after us – the perfect hosts. We were so glad that we went, it was lovely.”Mr and Mrs Lovelace

“Year 6 were absolutely fantastic this afternoon – great manners and full of conversation too! Everyone had a great time and Year 6 were a huge credit to the school.”Mrs Spilsbury

“It was a pleasure being part of the festival.”Stephen Marquiss 

“I would like to congratulate you on an excellently curated festival.  The programme was wonderfully varied and so interesting.  My children really enjoyed all the sessions they attended.  I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions I attended, and it was a real privilege to hear John McCarthy speak, a perfect choice for patron. He pitched the level so wonderfully and it was a very affecting talk – a remarkable man. Thank you again for organising such a positive week.” – Alex Jensen, parent

“What a great week.”Mr Holden



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