Festival of Wellbeing – Day Six

The Grand Finale of our week of looking at all aspects of wellbeing and mindfulness.

Highlights included:

Families and pupils gathered this morning to take part in the Sport Relief mile. After a fabulous warm up, courtesy of Mrs Arnold and the Justin Timberlake crew, everyone set off at a lightning pace. A great way to start the day. We raised £838.20 for Sport Relief.
Click here to see the photographs.

Local traders came to Hazlegrove to sell their wares at our Food Fayre. Bread, wine cheeses, vegetables, apple juice, meat, chocolate, eggs and cakes from the Queen Camel Girl Guides.
Click here to see the photographs.

John McCarthy told a packed theatre the story of his abduction in Beirut, and how he survived over five years of captivity.
“When John McCarthy stepped off a plane at RAF Lyneham in 1991 having spent the past 5 years chained up in a Lebanese dungeon, it was for many a defining moment of the age. I remember it keenly, but perhaps not as keenly as John does himself! As Patron of our Festival, John returned to us on Saturday night as a free man to remind us that mankind can pass through the gates of hell and emerge the other side with our humanity, character and sense of humour intact. His speech was spellbinding, taking us through the highs and lows of his captivity, never flinching from raw truths, never failing to inspire us with his charm, spirit and air of fragile recovery. Thank-you, John: a fitting finale to our Festival.” David Edwards, Director of Studies.
Click here to see the photographs.
Click here to listen to the Radio Hzg interview.

Afterwards, John McCarthy drew a raffle for the prizes Adventurer and Film Maker, Leon McCarron had donated when he gave our latest John McCarthy Lecture. The prizes of two of Leon’s books and a dvd were a big draw.  Thank you very much, Leon McCarron for donating prizes for the raffle. With donations and the raffle, we raised £226.47 for Freedom From Torture.


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