Snowed in and smiling all the way!

The Beast from the East brought snow – lots of it; so much snow in fact that many of us in the boarding community were snowed in over our exeat – children and resident staff. Instead of looking at it as an exeat lost, we saw it as a rare opportunity to spend some quality time together!

Everyone got involved; no one was asked to help. The dining room tables were quickly pushed together to make one long banquet table, candles were brought out as were napkins!

Everyone mucked in – food was prepared and cooked, dishes were washed and the children were royally entertained; and all this was done by staff who genuinely believe in the family environment that we have created at Hazlegrove.

The children enjoyed snacks by the fire place, sledging in King Arthur’s back yard (Cadbury Castle hill), a trip to the cinema, igloo building, baking pudding for one of our meals, free swims, Nerf wars and a shopping trip. The weekend summed it up for me – staff who genuinely care for children and go the extra mile – it is not just lip-service. We outnumbered the children and we thoroughly enjoyed looking after each of them and each other.

We now also know how to use all the equipment in the kitchen and know where all the food is stored (including the treats) so we are more than prepared for this to happen again. Fingers crossed…


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