Festival of Wellbeing – Day Three

The week is racing by and today we have had another busy day with a focus on wellbeing and mindfulness.

Highlights included:

Local artist, Donna Vale held workshops all day for the children to make starlings. All the starlings have been attached to a 7 metre long piece of jute to form our very own starling murmuration. It is beautiful. the children had so much fun making their birds. We will hang the mural over the holidays.
Click here to see the photographs.

Donna Vale spent some time talking about art portfolios too and gave some great advice to our budding young artists.
Click here to see the photographs.

Complementary Therapist, Nicola Corbett, spent the day at Hazlegrove holding Yoga and relaxation sessions.
Click here to see the photographs.

Nicola also held a Drop-in Yoga session at lunchtime, which was very popular.
Click here to see the photographs.

Year 4 had an absolutely fabulous time out in the woods with a very special Outdoor Ed session with Mrs Millard. They made willow masks out of foraged leaves, flowers and twigs and went den-building. they were happy. They didn’t want anything more.
Click here to see the photographs.

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Victoria Whittley, spoke to Year 8 in their PSHE lessons focusing on good mental health. “They looked at identifying thoughts and recognising feelings and emotions, who to turn to for help and support, and strategies to apply to ensure a healthy and positive state of mental health. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and Mrs Whittley’s calm, informed and empathetic approach was well-received and appreciated.” Mr Schreiber.

Pupils are enjoying exercising to a 7-Minute plan that has been recommended by the sports department. Pupils from across the school have been making paint hand prints. We are going to make a Tree of Life with these. Children in the Pre-Prep have been enjoying Staff Story Time all week.
Click here to see the photographs.

All rounded off with a fascinating evening talk about faith.
To help our community grow in tolerance of others faiths and beliefs, and develop a greater understanding of the positive and life-affirming benefits that faith can bring to people’s lives, we invited representatives of different faiths to talk to an audience of parents and children from Years 7 and 8. It was a most invigorating and educational evening, revealing that, despite the often negative headlines revolving around religious conflict, the greatest things that all faiths share is a sense of tolerance, love for our fellow creatures, and a common purpose in making the world a better place for us all to inhabit. It was striking just how the things that unite us are far greater than those that divide us.” David Edwards, Director of Studies.


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