Festival of Wellbeing – Day Two

Today was run in top gear with events crammed back to back during the day.

Highlights included:
A visit by Australia’s most popular childen’s author, Andy Griffiths, filled the theatre with laughter. Children from Year 1 up to and including Year 6, and also children from Baltonsborough Primary School and North Cadbury Primary School laughed with glee at Andy Griffiths jokes and renditions of the huge treehouse from his series of books. Every single child left the theatre determined to petition their parents for their own treehouse.
Click here to see the photographs.
Click here to here the Radio HzG interview with Andy Griffiths.

Local artist, Fiona Campbell, spent the day with children from various year groups. They all worked hard to create a beautiful albatross from recycled materials.
Click here to see the photographs.

Squirrels enjoyed a special Festival Sing and Dance session.
Click here to see the photographs.

Year 7 had a special Food Tech lesson with Jo Weinberg. They learnt how to make and bake quick healthy snacks.
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Mary Palmer is coming in several times this week to teach the children sign language. It was the most incredible thing to see. The classroom was full of absolutely silent children, all of whom were totally focused on spelling their names using a list of signing letters on the screen.
Click here to see the photographs.

Squirrels enjoyed a special Festival Forest School session.
Click here to see the photographs.

Year 5 welcomed Peter Littlewood back from YPTE (Young Persons Trust for the Environment). He came to tell the children about some animal conservation success stories and they were particularly interested to learn that hedgehogs need a clear path to next door’s garden to be able to move about freely, and that beavers are making a comeback on the River Otter.
Click here to see the photographs.

Pre-Prep enjoyed Flavour School with Jo Weinberg. They tasted all sorts of food, drinks, fruit and vegetables.
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The day was rounded off with a talk on how to keep children safe in the e-smart age.
“Our e-smart for kids evening focussed on positive practical ways we can help our children make the right decisions and remain happy on the internet, especially social media. The panel of teachers and excellent, wise beyond their years, 6th Formers from KSB suggested that parents ensure appropriate restrictions and controls are in place, and that adults model good behaviour, negotiate family rules, undertake joint activities, and collaborate and commentate with and on their children’s and their own activity. Everybody recognised that the social media world belongs to the younger generation rather than that of their parents, and accepted the importance of finding positive and constructive strategies to help our children navigate their way into their digital futures, rather than simply dismissing online activity as an unnecessary distraction and a waste of time.” David Edwards, Director of Studies.

All this and much, much more…


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