A new hobby for Thomas

Thomas O, from Year 6, brought in a very interesting stamp album to show to his tutor.

The album was given to Thomas’s grandmother by Thomas’s great, great, grandfather around 1948. Before that, the album can be traced back a little further as there is the name, Alan Mashman 1939, written in the front.

Thomas said:

“There are many interesting things about this album. The maps on the stamps show how the world looked back then and how countries were ruled by Empires. The German stamps show Adolf Hitler and those from the 1920’s have a price of 2 million Marks on them!

There are British stamps from Edward VII through to Queen Elizabeth II. It is interesting to see just how many countries had Queen Victoria on their stamp. In this album is a section showing German occupied states including Poland.

Looking through this album has made me very interested in stamps and their history, and I have been inspired by it to start collecting my own stamps.”



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