We sponsor Jenneh Appiah and Samuel Tagba in Sierra Leone

The Hazlegrove Community sponsors two Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone, Jenneh Appiah and Samuel Tagba through the charity Wharf Kids.

Jenneh’s father, mother and sister died of Ebola. Jenneh had Ebola but survived. She lives in a tiny little house (two small rooms) in Magazine Wharf, a really disadvantaged slum area on the sea front in Freetown, which was devastated by Ebola.
She is attending Zion Primary School, and is one of the leading lights at Wharf Kids’ new After-School Literacy Club – which aims to provide the additional ‘home support’ for their learning which they do not actually get.

Samuel lost his mother to Ebola. His father had the virus and survived. He lives now with his father, and four cousins who were orphaned. Wharf Kids is currently supporting the family in the construction of a long-term home for them, to get them out of temporary accommodation (a shed) in which they have been since being ostracised by their former friends and colleagues as a result of Ebola stigmatisation. Samuel has been through a lot, but with help from Wharf Kids he has become a happy and well adjusted little child. He goes to Christ Liberation Primary School, living in a poor suburb of Freetown.


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