Reflections on a year of boarding…

A half dozen houseparents, another half dozen matrons, a sprinkle of house keepers, a dash of gaps and grads, a pinch of resident staff, a hearty portion of cooks and generous helping of children and you have the ingredients of a boarding community.

Boarding reamins at the very heart of Hazlegrove. Life continues to beat, well in to the evenings and the weekends, once the de-reg hut has emptied. This year has seen many changes in staffing but what has remained constant is the loving care and dedication of those adults who look after the children.

Our philosophy of parenting the children in our care, has been at the forefront of everything that we do – we have a team at Hazlegrove who wholeheartedly believe in engaging with the children and appreciating each and every child as an individual, with specific, unique needs.

Prep school life, particularly in a boarding school like ours, is about as good as life will get in many respects – being surrounded by loving adults, being fed the most scrumptious of meals, living in a comfortable and warm environment, and having the freedom and opportunities to play. And by play we mean “old school play” – muddy walks, den-building, fire making, water slides and trips to the sea and the circus and everything in between.

The year began with the Year 8s feeding the boarding community and this sense of serving others resonated in all that we have continued to do this year. The label on the box says “a home away from home” and we live a life that reflects this – from our shared meals together, to chapel on Sunday to saying prayers for each other at bedtime, we have ensured that the children are guided in a way that reflects their lives at home.  The Christmas Feast and Scottish Dancing in the beginning of the year, fostered a real sense of community and helped forge relationships that have only grown stronger as the months have passed. The Easter Meal, complete with Easter bonnets was yet another special time to enjoy fellowship, lots of laughs and a good meal!

The boarding community grew in numbers as the year unfolded and we grew closer too. The children, especially the Year 8s have built friendships that will last a life time. And this very special school has created a safe environment in which the children have been able to develop friendship and flourish as individuals.

As a boarding family, we would like to wish Richard and Katie Fenwick peace and happiness in full measure as they embark on the next chapter of their lives and we are all indebted to them for everything that they have invested in the boarding – their legacy will live on. As we say in grace at supper time, may we continue to live with glad and humble hearts in this very special place we call, Hazlegrove.

Regan Schreiber
Head of Boarding


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