Postcards for sale for charity

A collection of original creations featuring artwork by members of Year 7 and YEAR 8 in aid of The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Pack 1 includes artwork by: Alice de Pelet, Martha Bartlett, Isabella Andrew, Catherine Johnson, Kitty McCosker, Laila Squire, Scarlett Ridgway, Oscar Schultz, Samuel Loughrey and Ottilie Sykes 
Pack 2 includes artwork by: Joshua Schreiber, Tabitha Floyd, Georgia Willis, Lily Ingvaldson, Annie Lewis, Gabriella Whittley, Tilly Lund, Ella Seton, Helvetica Haydn Taylor and Teal Sinfield

Pack 1 or Pack 2 = £2.50 for 10 cards or both packs = £4.00.
For sale at Reception and at Hazlegrove events or fill in our online purchase form.

Postcard Poster

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