Following on from last week …

Some quotes from our speakers, staff and parents:

‘I very much enjoyed my day at Hazlegrove. I hope the rest of the week went well. You must feel very proud of all that was achieved.’ Gyles Morris, Director, Naturesbase Education.

‘I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful EarthWyz week. I so enjoyed the lectures I came to – I can’t wait to get going on my vegetable patch after the Charles Dowding talk and I found Miranda Krestovnikoff absolutely fascinating and inspirational.  I know my husband and my son really enjoyed Alex Hibbert’s talk and my daughter loved the quiz!  The children obviously had lots of fun all week and hopefully learnt lots at the same time. Well done and thank you for organising such a great week!’ Hazlegrove parent.

‘It was a great week and we hope that it will change the ways we do a lot of things. Small changes are just as good as big ones. This festival has been a big learning curve for me and I have discovered many ways in which I personally can make a difference.’ Mrs Warren.

‘My son loved the trip to the tip!  (Year 4 Carymoor Rubbish Tip). He came home full of fascinating information and obviously had a really great day. The whole week seems to have been really inspiring for them all.  Absolutely super!’ Hazlegrove parent.

‘Thought you might like to know that my tutor group did a beach clean on Saturday. It was shocking how much rubbish there was. We filled a bin bag each.’ Mr Bartlett’

‘Thanks so much for the warm welcome from all of you at Hazlegrove on Thursday. I really do hope that a few parts of the speech sparked ideas in attendees of all ages.’ Polar Explorer,  Alex Hibbert.

‘A very big thank you to you and the Year 4 team for taking the children on such a fun day out to the Carymoor Rubbish Tip. My son really enjoyed the day and continues to talk about the facts he has learnt. He was delighted and interested in all that he saw and learnt. Furthermore, he was thrilled by the active nature of the day and all the dirt and mud and all the opportunities that brought with it!’ Hazlegrove parent.

‘Wilbur has had a reply from 10 Downing Street, and is now waiting for a reply from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.’


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