EarthWyz – Friday Finale

Camilla Nelson

Camilla spent the day with Year 2, Year 3 and Year 6 creating Eco Poems. Children looked in the woods for inspiration and supplies to make their Eco Poems bright and colourful.

Some quotes from the children:

  • “I love this, it is so different from what we normally do.”
  • “I have discovered something about nature. If you closes your eyes, you can hear more birds singing.”
  • “Writing with mud and sticks reminds me of my childhood playing with mud in the garden.” (Year 6 child!)
  • “The eco poem workshop was fun and interesting.”
  • “I loved finding out about using invisible ink.”

Carymoor Environmental Trust

Today, Neil Gemmell talked to Year 7 and Year 8 all about waste. The children looke at how the rubbish we create now could cause a wide range of environmental issues in the future.

Later the Pre-Prep made Litter Bugs and paper, and Year 5 also made paper.

Some quotes from the children:

  • “This is so fun, and we are recycling paper too!”
  • “Very gooey.”
  • “Fun, disgusting and I love it!”
  • “Very interesting how you can make paper.”
  • “Fun and exciting. I never knew you could re-use paper like this.”
  • “So fun, but it doesn’t look very nice but it’s VERY feely!”
  • “Recycling paper could save the world!”
  • “I liked putting y hands in the squelchy glue!” Year 1
  • “My purple paper will be strong.” Year 1
  • “I loved making the litter bug.” Year 1
  • “How Green is this Producer? was truly intriguing. I learnt a lot because I never really knew about this before. It was a great lecture.”

The Baker Brothers

The Baker Brothers were here for the whole day recording Louis Armstrong’s song, “What a Wonderful World”. There was a steady stream of classes and instrumentalists popping into the Theatre to record their part. Everyone had fun and the result is going to be incredible. It will be available to download shortly.

All rounded off with our fabulous and very silly family EarthWyz Quiz.

You can see what the Pre-Prep have been doing for EarthWyz by clicking here.

You can look at all the photos from the day on Flickr.


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