EarthWyz – Thursday – all the excitement from day 4

Carymoor Environmental Education

Year 7 took part in a Cut the Carbon Quiz, Year 3 made windmills out of 2 litre fizzy drinks bottles and Year 8 discussed the lifecycle of a product and the how the choices made by designers can have wide reaching consequences for the environment.

Some quotes from Year 3

  • “I didn’t know you could make windmills out of plastic bottles.”
  • “Cool.”
  • “I can use my windmill to see how windy it is outside.”
  • “I am going to put my windmill in my vegetable garden.”
  • “Only one type of plastic bottle is recycled in Somerset, so we must do our best to reuse bottles in a clever way.” 
  • “Plastic can be fantastic but it is also dangerous. Don’t throw any in the sea or fish will die.” 
  • “I’m really, really happy I’ve made a windmill, which when it goes high it spins in the wind. That means the wind is higher up and not so sheltered.” 
  • “We found another use for plastic bottles instead of throwing them away!” 
  • “I can’t believe how easy it was to make a real, working windmill.” 
  • “It’s amazing, you only need six things to make a windmill.”

Gill Lewis

It was lovely to welcome the author Gill Lewis to our book club during EarthWyz to discuss her novel White Dolphin which was a winner of the Green Earth Book Award. So many questions were asked by our avid readers who were so absorbed in hearing her ideas on how to write a book and especially on how to develop the characters. Her passion on keeping wild animals safe really shone through which obviously plays a big part in her writing. She also gave us a brief insight into her new book Sky Dancer which is out in October – we can’t wait.

Later, Gill got Year 6 into the mood by performing gorilla sounds and Year 6 really enjoyed copying her back. Gill spoke to Year 6 about looking after our planet and animal conservation. She had some great stories of successful animal rescues and told the children about the areas she has visited in research for her books. A very enjoyable hour and a half.

Quotes from the children:

  • “I loved seeing Gill Lewis again. I had lots of questions to ask her about her books and it was great to have my questions answered.”
  • “It was such fun being a fish in the sea. I really understood Gill’s message when the Scallop dredger went through and killed the sea base, followed by everything else.”
  • “Gill Lewis was great fun and I was very happy that she came to Hazlegrove to be part of our Festival.”
  • “Gill Lewis was fantastic!”
  • “Thank you Gill Lewis for being our Patron of our EarthWyz Festival.”

Alex Hibbert

Alex wowed an absolutely jam-packed theatre with tales of his adventures in Greenland and Svalbard. He spoke brilliantly of the trials and hardships of his epic journeys across the ice. The children loved hearing about the relationship he had with his dog pack. An inspiring talk of incredible adventure.

Quotes from the audience: 

  • “I thought Alex Hibbert was so interesting. I loved it when he talked about his sledge dogs and the characters he described.”
  • “I can’t imagine being so cold and think Alex is very brave to want to go on such cold adventures.”
  • “When Alex told us about crossing the crevices I thought that was so scary.”
  • “I loved Alex’s dog stories, but when he said about getting his gun out to shoot the dog with a broken leg I felt so terrible, and  thought no, no, but then he said that he put the dog on his sledge and they made him better, and I felt so happy.”
  • “Alex Hibbert has made me want to go to Greenland to meet the Inuit people and ski across the ice.”
  • “A thoroughly inspiring talk.What a man!”

All the photos from the day are on Flickr.

Read the Pre-Prep EarthWyz Blog.


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