EarthWyz – Wednesday saw us welcoming Gyles Morris from Naturesbase

On Wednesday we welcomed Gyles Morris from Naturesbase  Environmental Education to run workshops with Years 5 and 3.

Year 5 learnt all about where their food comes from. They looked at what is in a typical shopping bag and plotted food miles and compared fair trade products with other products.

Year 3 have had a brilliant afternoon learning about alternative power. Out of a huge pile of pizza boxes, lego bricks, tin foil, cling film and other bits and bobs, they made solar powered ovens and solar powered boats. I thought the level of glee was high when they heard they were making ovens, but when they heard they were making solar powered boats, there was jaw dropping silence followed by gasps of joy and jubilation!

Next term the children will use the ovens to bake cookies.

Some quotes from the children:

“This is the coolest thing!”

“Yes! A solar powered boat! I’ve always wanted to make one!”

“I thought it would be hard, but it was easy to make a solar powered oven.”

“It’s really sunny where I live, I really want to take my oven home.”

“This lesson is the best lesson ever!”

“Normal ovens are just boring and they use unfriendly fuel.”

“Everyone should have a solar oven!”

“Solar boats = HUGE fun!”

“It’s SO LAR cool!”

There are more photographs from Day 3 of #EarthWyz on Flickr.


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