Year 4 visit Carymoor Environmental Centre for #EarthWyz

The children clearly enjoyed their visit to Carymoor Environmental Centre.  This is what they had to say:

  • ‘We loved the rubbish sorting relay’
  • ‘I thought it was an amazing trip because now I know where all our rubbish goes and how the world needs looking after. ’
  • ‘I loved all the nature- it’s hard to pick one thing because there was so much. I can’t wait to report back to my family.’
  • ‘Climbing over the rubbish was incredible – I thought it was a hill.’
  • ‘I cannot believe that Storm Doris was so strong that it made the rubbish fly everywhere and it hurt the deer and badgers habitat.’
  • ‘We made kites out of plastic bags and it was good for the environment.’
  • ‘The clay on top of the rubbish was very interesting.’
  • ‘It was really fun and exciting – I really want to go a second time. I loved making and flying the kites.’
  • ‘It was interesting to know about how much food and plastic we are wasting and what we shouldn’t buy in shops, like packaging’

The photos from the visit are on Flickr.


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