EarthWyz Festival – Tuesday 7 March 2017


Duncan Forbes from Wessex Water came and spoke to Year 6 to explain what happens to everything that goes down the plughole or down the u-bend! The children were gleefully horrified when they were shown all the things that end up in the sewage system! They also had a look at analyzing water samples and tried to identify where they had come from.

Some quotes from the children:

“When we saw what actually goes into water, I was amazed! Detergents, shampoo and all the toilet stuff. Yuk! It was disgusting, but fun to watch!”

“We had great fun learning how to test where water has come from, and learning what to look for to find out if it is drinkable.”


Peter Littlewood spent the morning with the Pre-Prep looking at plastics. The full report will be on the Pre-Prep Blog which you can get to by clicking on the link below.

Year 5 had an afternoon of plastics. they heard all about single use plastics and then had lots of fun making bioplastic out of corn oil and vegetable oil, making milk carton plastic elephants and made music out of recycled green water bottles.

Click here. All the photos from the day are on Flickr.

Have a look to see what the Pre-Prep have done too.

Some quotes from the Pre-Prep children:

“We had so much fun making bio-plastic.”

“I was surprised to see so much rubbish in the sea.” Reception class

“I found it interesting to find out that it would take one day to fill Trafalgar Square with rubbish!” Reception class

“I liked learning about how plastic is made from oil.”  Reception class

“I learnt about the rubbish in the sea, and the turtles don’t like it.” Year 1

“It is amazing that there is an enormous mass of rubbish floating on the surface of the water between America and China and it is twice the size of France.” Year 1


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