EarthWyz Festival – Monday

ick here. All the photos from the day are on Flickr.

EarthWyz - Monday 6 March 2017


During the opening day of our EarthWyz Festival, ESR (Education for Social Responsibility) founding member and Headmaster, Marcus Culverwell gave the children a real insight into what is happening with our planet’s seas and oceans.

Topics he covered during the day included:

  • Over fishing and unethical fishing leading to the collapse of food chains and also fish stocks in the oceans
  • Nurdles and the accumulation of plastic particles in particular from all of the waste that goes into the oceans
  • Eco systems, particularly in the context of carbon dioxide being absorbed into the oceans having serious impacts on micro-organisms causing bleaching of coral reefs and the subsequent impacts on food chains

The children were amazing. There was no fidgeting, no looking out of the window, they were too busy listening. After a day of watching how the children reacted to Marcus’s lectures, I feel there is hope. These children understood that they are the future of this planet, they were motivated and inspired by Marcus to do something.

Some quotes from the children:

“I am amazed that 8 million tonnes of rubbish are thrown into the sea a year! The earth is an amazing thing and it is up to us to look after it.” Fergus D

“Why do people care more about themselves than anybody else?” Jamie C

“It’s devastating to see how much plastic is thrown into the sea each year.” Ludo C

“It was truly incredible and it really opened my eyes to the problem with our water.” Tom B

“Amazing. I learnt many things that I never knew before and I was glued to the presentation.” Tom M

“I love fishes and Mr Culverwell explained everything in a very clear way. I loved it.” Tom P

“I think it was really good and we should have a festival like this again.” Thomas O

“I think it was very inspiring because I learnt lots.” Flo D

“I thought it was very interesting and that everybody should think about it and actually do something and not just say you are.” Alex R

“We could make the world better by using no plastic and having electric cars.”

“I had no idea that there was so much plastic and poisons in fish!”

“It is heartbreaking that there is more rubbish in the sea than fish!”


Ellie talked to the Pre-Prep and told them all about being a volunteer gardener at the Eden Project. She covered lots of topics including:

  • How the Eden Project was built
  • How many plants are at the Eden Project and what do they need?
  • Sustainability  – What can you do?

Some quotes from the children

“The lady said you can go anywhere round The Eden Project and everything was so good” Marley S Pre-Prep

“We were asked some very interesting questions and we were shown  how The Eden Project was built” Lottie Pre-Prep

“I didn’t know the domes were so big! We had to crack a code and answer some questions.” Lily Pre-Prep


Peter was with us all day and covered various topics:

  • Bees
  • Food – Why we eat, what we eat, food miles and fair trade
  • Food for thought workshop
  • Rainforests

Bees – Some quotes from the children

“I never knew bees tasted their food.” Toby Year 3

“I didn’t know the Queen bee lays all the eggs.” Hugo Year 3

“You should never flap around a bee.” Corrin Year 3

“I didn’t know you shouldn’t put chemicals on flowers.” Rosie

“I never knew there are 25 types of bee.” Charlotte


“Wow! Year 7 rose to the baking challenge this morning in true Hazlegrove style. In 40 minutes two classes had made banana and chocolate muffins, one half using normal ingredients, the other half using fair trade ingredients and organic produce. After some serious taste testing the votes are in – fair trade won in taste, texture and appearance. Well done Year 7 and thank you.”  Mrs Spilsbury


The most interesting lecture. I was so engrossed, I actually forgot to take photographs and had to quickly improvise at the end! I will never dig my garden again!  After listening to Charles talk about how he grows his produce I am totally converted. A truly inspiring and life changing lecture.


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