Guy Fawkes – The Guys

Some fabulous guys were made for this year’s Bonfire Night. These photographs show the children making the guys. Click here to look at all the fun of the evening.

Here are a few descriptions from the children about their guys. Click on the links to read the full gruesome descriptions.

Year 3 – Mr and Mrs Headless Horror – In Year 3 we have created two headless creatures that are headless!

4L – The Mumbo Jumbo Moodster is a many-faced Thing, representing the many unique faces of our class, our school, our community, coming together in one remarkable creation.

4S – Lurking in the corner of your imagination is the 4s Recylosaurus, a rare type of dragon found only in the Lower School.

4T – The Haunted Devil is a vicious dragon that lives on Onaclov, a mysterious and haunted volcanic island.

Year 5 – The Dream Giver – It was a dark quiet night and everyone in the small town was asleep. A mystic, winged bug-like creature fluttered from house to house. Slowly, his hard bony fingers opened the wooden shutter.

6 Dover – The Nuchilla is a creature that lives at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in the Mariana’s trench, the deepest part of ocean in the world.

6-Lyon – Hammy – That which lurks in the corners of your imagination can be dark, creepy and deeply disturbing, but sometimes…yes, sometimes…it can just be…hunger! 

6 Norton – Mumbo Jumbo – (A journey through the sub-conscious) – What do you see when you close your eyes?

6 Tremlett – Skunkbatrat lurks in the deepest, darkest depths of your mind and engulfs your dreams.

7/8 Dover – Nightmares RevivedWhen we are young we all fear something, our parents say that we are being silly but always something lays hold of our imaginations. 

7/8 Lyon – Our guy is called Cherax Destructor and it is an awesome, larger than life arachnid.

7/8 Lyon  – Phobophobia– ……don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic, xylophobia, my woods-looming, twig-snapping-behind-me, what-was-that?

7/8 Lyon – The Sailors’ NightmareIn times of ancient China there lived a mythical beast that haunted sailors. It was known as the “Sailor’s Nightmare.”

7/8 Norton – It’s There– You see it in the corner of your eye. Who knows what’s behind it? Who could tell, predict what is there? 

7/8 Norton – Look Inside – What will you find? – As I turn the corner of the dark path, enveloped in an all-consuming mist, I catch a glimpse of an old box covered in damp moss and foliage. 

7/8 Norton – The Monster Within– We have based our guy on the famous quote “You stop looking for monsters under your bed when you realise they are inside you.” 

7/8 Tremlett – Nessie McFly (AMheanbh a’ crathadh in Gaelic – Have you ever wondered why so few people have seen the Loch Ness Monster?  The answer: he has wings! 

7/8 Tremlett -The Gigantamaggotosaurus– The Bed Engulfer – You might think you are all safe, tucked up in bed, but think again … A mighty beast lurks beneath your bed frame, waiting for you to fall asleep. 

7/8 Tremlett – The Gruesome Baby Face is a dark scary figure that lurks in the back of your mind. It is there ready to crawl out from under your bed.


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