Mr Robertson’s Year 6 tutor group successfully completed a sponsored walk for charity

Congratulations to the 11 intrepid pupils from Year 6 (Dover) who set out on a sponsored 8 mile walk across the Quantock Hills to raise money for two incredible charities, Canine Partners and Magazine Wharf Kids.

The Great British weather did not disappoint and despite experiencing the full wrath of nature in; wind, mist, fog, rain and sun, the children kept their spirits up and powered through to complete the walk and a bit more; in fact walking just over 9 miles at the final reckoning. It was a challenging route, traversing over high rocky ground and navigating through steep wooded combe’s but taking in some breath taking scenery across the Bristol channel to Wales (when the cloud had lifted) and catching glimpses of red deer and wild ponies. As at the time of writing the children have raised a combined total of just over £900 and are hoping to hit the £1,000.

Canine Partners trains assistance dogs for disabled people who cannot do everyday tasks that we take for granted such as opening the door or doing the washing. These dogs are uniquely trained to do these tasks. Magazine Wharf Kids has been set up by one our parents, Charlie Herbert who commanded UK forces during the outbreak of ebola in Sierra Leone in 2014-2015. They provide an education for many orphaned children whose lives have been changed forever by this horrendous disease. If you have a few moments, do take a look at their websites to see the incredible work that they do.

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