Hazlegrove MAD is sponsoring two new children – Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone

Brigadier Charlie Herbert came to Hazlegrove to give an Assembly about Ebola in Sierra Leone, following a posting there to support the efforts in dealing with the virus.

Charlie, a Hazlegrove parent, set up a charity “Magazine Wharf Kids” in direct response to the needs of families and children in one of the poorest parts of Freetown,  whose lives have been decimated by the Ebola epidemic.

The children heard that the Ebola virus most likely came from one person eating bush meat from an infected bat, and that the virus today has affected many thousands of people. Mr Birch volunteered to be dressed up in the full Ebola protective gear, and the children heard that it was so important not to have any skin at all uncovered. Mr Birch wore boots, suit, face mask, visor, apron and three sets of rubber gloves. He had to imagine how hot it is in Sierra Leone and especially with all the gear on. Workers were limited to one hour before they changed shift and had to have their name and the time they started written on their apron so they could be identified.

Charlie also spoke to the Pre-Prep children in their assembly. We gave Charlie polo shirts and baseball hats to take out with him on his next trip to Sierra Leone for Jenneh and Samuel, the two children we are sponsoring through Magazine Wharf Kids.


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